Charlottes Sauce Hemp Flower -PreGround (No Grinder Needed) 17% CBD

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This strain is a cross between the popular and well known Charlottes Web strain and the Special Sauce strain. Charlottes Sauce contains 17% CBDa and has a musky, pungent aroma that provides feelings of relief and relaxation. Charlottes Sauce contains less than 0.245% Delta 9 THC.

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  1. Tess

    I love Charlotte Sauce! Whenever I am feeling anxiety, a little stressed out, or even shaky from a hard workout I just did, Charlotte sauce instantly makes me feel calm and I absolutely love it!!

  2. sirrick (verified owner)

    First-time buyer, I tell ya, if you’re tense this is for you. Smells amazing, a very smooth and flavorful flower. Best of all, you will just melt like butter from the relaxation it gives. I wish I could give it more stars.

  3. Xander (verified owner)

    Very good quality flower. Had LOTS of gorgeous little vibrant purple buds in it. Good smell, very little shake, almost all popcorn buds. Very relaxing strain, great for anxiety, or in my case for anger management issues. Shipping was quick and handled very professional. The best part was the customer service side though. 🙂 Within a matter of minutes of placing my order I received confirmation of my order along with a very friendly thank you for my business, which is very rare nowadays and most welcomed, along with a tracking number and receipt. A1 company that just earned themselves a new loyal customer.

  4. Darren Knight (verified owner)

    If you’re always stressing about something in your life, and annoyed then this is for you. It will leave you with a nice chill relaxation and calm your nerves. I found this also helped me with anxiety issues, definitely worth trying and would highly recommend.

  5. Jeff (verified owner)

    Perfect way to unwind and leave the anxiety at the office!

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