Berry Wine Hemp Flower – 13% CBD

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This strain is a cross between Berry Exotic and Cherry Wine. It affects are similar to the affects of Cherry Wine but with the relaxation affects of Berry Exotic. It provides a nice uplifting and motivating feeling along with the known benefits of CBD including anxiety and pain relief. Some people may experience a natural boost in energy and focus with this CBD strain.

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  1. Stay Strong (verified owner)

    I am new to Hemp Flower. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks etc. I can be having a extream anxiety to point I would rather not live and do something very stupid to my self. When I smoke the berry wine it takes all the mental pain and sadness pain away. I can definitely see it helping me so much. I also sleep so much better at night too before I would have to wake up to a alarm clock but for the last week I been waking up way before my alarm clock feeling pretty good. I will definitely be buying more. Awesome prices too and super fast shipping. Thank you so much for giving me hope again.

  2. Darren Knight

    This is my second favorite strain on this site, my first being Sweet Elektra. The feeling I get with this strain is clear-headed and uplifting. Really good strain to start the day with would recommend.

  3. Melinda Harrell

    This one is my favorite so far! I was looking for something to help calm my mind of stress and it really helps with that. It also helps with pain. My entire body felt physically better. I absolutely love this one!

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